As you use’s GROQ more and more, you’ll soon get yourselves into situations where you’ll have to construct your queries dynamically. A very good example of that is say, you’re working on getting all products based on different attributes.

Imagine we have the following product filters below and their options:

color = ["Blue", "Red", "Orange", "Green"]
size = ["Small", "Medium", "Large"]
gender = ["Male", "Female"]

Now, the user first then filters the products by selecting a color attribute of value Red .

We could then write our query like this below:

*[color == "Red"]

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Here below is a sample GraphQL query.

users {

The query above specifies that we want to retrieve all the users in our system and return only the id and the email.

Great! 😎

Now, here is also a query. See below:

*[users] { id, email }

Or we could also write it this way,

*[] {

Alright. Awesome. We call the above as Graph-Relational Object Queries or GROQ for short but…

Hello, Reactors 👋

How have you been? It’s been like forever in this pandemic situation we’re in. The new normal has kicked in. People are trying to live the best of their lives — some are fortunate enough to keep their jobs while others are unfortunately really struggling in these trying times. It’s just sad, right? No one saw this coming but we just have to keep moving forward and try as much as we can to survive. While not everyone has the capacity to do something in the situation we’re in, we at React Cebu are still thankful that…

Today as I look into my memories at Facebook, I happen to bump into my post 8 years ago. Every single day I look at my posts and I can still remember my younger self as passionate, hungry for what’s to come, and goal-oriented.

But I guess and as sad as it may seem, life has happened to me because of the lack of things I’ve chosen for myself. When my life got a little bit better after earning a few pesos, I thought to myself that this is fine now, I don’t need more. …

Last year we did a series of workshops which we named React Series: Zero to Hero. It’s a 4 hours intensive discussion and coding session designed for beginners to learn how to create small to medium-sized React applications.

This year, we brought back the same series with the same end goal in mind but instead of web applications, our participants should be able to create mobile applications after finishing the series.

This event won’t be possible without the help and support of our awesome partners LegalMatch Philippines and Facebook Developer Circle: Cebu City and more importantly from the huge and…

It’s amazing how we’ve come so far. The community we all started — “by developers for developers” has been a joy not only to us but to all who became part of it, especially you Reactors. We are so proud and thankful to you all as you showed love and made a huge effort in supporting us in all the activities we did throughout this year. We want to take this opportunity to really thank you. Rest assured, we’ll continue doing what we’ve been doing and will improve for the better the next year 2020.

So just to recap, here…

My life may not how I wanted it to be and there’s no more coping up with the time I wasted. Somehow I managed to find joy in serving others. You see, no one gets paid to do those things but no one will also get to understand the sense of happiness we get until they experienced it themselves. I am not the kind of person who really thinks well logically. It must have been how I chose to deal with things before. Honestly, if it involves too much emotion, I’d run away in an instant. Oddly, it seems quite…

There are days you feel invincible and there are days you feel like you carry the weight of the whole world — feeling you’re total shit and all. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Just go back to this list and remind yourself…

  • Be yourself. You could lose almost just everything but never lose you. Get to know yourself and what cuts it or not. It’s hard not to compromise especially when it means it’s for the greater good but never be the YES person that everyone knows. There will be innumerable times that your integrity will be questioned and you will…

Gatsby Workshop by React Cebu on Oct 12, 2019 at the Go Negosyo Center UP Cebu and Co working Space

In line with React Cebu’s mission to spread the usage of ReactJS and other JavaScript technologies to the community by organizing free meetups, workshops, code camps, trainings, a whole day workshop for Gatsby was held on the 12th of October, 2019 at the Negosyo Center UP Cebu + Co-working Space.

Gatsby is a modern framework built on top of ReactJS and GraphQL that allows users to create blazing fast, compelling websites.

Long story short, Heroku accounts who haven’t entered their credit cards can’t use addons such as mLab and others to deploy Strapi. This guide is basically intended to get around that by using Postgres as our primary database.

The primary motivation of this article is due to the unfortunate event brought by the said limitation in where our participants weren’t able to deploy our backend app.

In order for you or anyone to follow this guide effectively, we’ll be using a repo created beforehand containing a simple content model for a todo app using Postgres database.

And, so let’s get…

Dorell James

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